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3FD – Chapel Refurb

3 Form Design; Companies come to us when they want to turn their idea into a game-changing product in their category. Our talented team of product designers do this by combining an instinct for aesthetics and branding with the real application of engineering, science and manufacturing knowledge. Our dynamic turnkey ‘design and build’ service allows us to partner with clients across multiple industries from first concept and development through to box-delivered production of commercially savvy products.

3 Form Design choose our Bamboo as their material of choice for their recent renovation project; converting an Old Chapel in Whitchurch into their HQ. Their preferred type was Natural Density (Strand woven) where we supplied the flooring, desk tops, slatted cladding in the lobby, stair treads for the front and rear staircases and more recently Caramel Side Pressed 9ply for their kitchen worktops, and large meeting bench and several laminate desk tops with bamboo edge trim.