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The unique properties of MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity®:

⦁ Fire classification: Class Bfl-s1 (flooring and sub beams)
⦁ Slip resistance: R10
⦁ Brinell hardness: > 9,5 kg/m²
⦁ Formaldehyde emission: Class E0 (< 0,025 mg/m3).
⦁ Contribution to green building (LEED/BREEAM)
⦁ Carbon footprint: CO2 negative
⦁ Certification by CSTB (French Official Building Institute): U4P4E2C2.
The basis of UltraDensity®: the Moso bamboo plant
When it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials for the construction sector, bamboo is one of the few natural raw materials. The Moso bamboo is a fast-growing plant, with a growth rate of up to one metre per day. After five years, the bamboo stems are mature and have similar properties to hardwood. The bamboo is strong enough to be used in products such as flooring, panels, decking boards and much more.
Unlike hardwood, there is no deforestation due to the harvesting of bamboo stems. On the contrary: an annual harvest stimulates the mother plant – the rhizome – so that new shoots can grow. Official LCA studies (ISO 14040/44), conducted by Delft University of Technology, show that all MOSO® solid bamboo products are CO2 neutral over the entire life cycle. The products contribute to the LEED and BREEAM certification of buildings by obtaining specific material credits.
MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity®: more stable and harder than wood
MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is made from compressed bamboo strips and has an ultra-high density. Because of this it has a very high dimensional stability and a hardness that surpasses any type of hardwood. For example, more than 1,500 m² of floor can be installed without a dilatation joint. Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring is supplied as untreated flooring board (1900 x 160 mm), with tongue and groove; to be installed on sub beams (flooring board thickness 38, 32 or 20 mm) or glued down (thickness 18 mm). Bamboo UltraDensity® is also available in the form of planks to create stairs and walkways (2440 x 360 x 38 mm).
MOSO® UltraDensity®: Uniquely certified and meets the highest fire requirements
In order to demonstrate its resistance to intensive use, such as in French railway stations welcoming up to 200 million passengers a year, the complete MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® system had to be certified by CSTB (French Construction Institute). MOSO® offers a complete system for this: MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® sub beams, Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring, stainless steel screws and the finishing oil WOCA Nº1. In this system, Bamboo UltraDensity® is the only woody floor that has been awarded the extremely high U4P4E2C2 certification value. The UPEC classificate is a certification for building materials in France, which sets requirements for wear, load capacity, chemical resistance and water resistance, among other things.
The wear layer classification is the French use class of 41 (the highest). The density of 1150 kg/m3 and the Brinell hardness of 9.5 kg/mm² (more than tropical hardwood) also make the project floor very wear-resistant and resilient, for which the highest achievable values U4 and P4 were given. In addition, the low permeability (water resistance) stands for the E2 classification. And finally, the floor is resistant to chemicals: classification C2, partly thanks to the WOCA N°1 oil finish.
MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® floors have received the highest possible classification for fire resistance of floors: European fire class Bfl-s1. This means that the product can be used in any public building where fire safety requirements are highest.
Thanks to these properties, the MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® floor can be installed in semi outdoor areas: covered but not enclosed spaces, where no heating and air conditioning are used. Temperature and humidity variations are high, but MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is similar to stone in these aspects and can withstand extreme conditions. The floor is also very suitable for other areas with high traffic, such as in museums and shopping malls.
In December 2016, the entire MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® system received a positive rating from CSTB. MOSO® obtained an ATEx (Technical Advice for Experimental Use), nº2385. This ATEx validates the use of Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring in very high traffic public areas, such as stations, airports and shopping malls.

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