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Bamboo - the perfect material for pioneering eco retrofit

A 1960s end of terrace house in central Oxford is being transformed into an ultra-low energy home.  Since August 2013 its owners, Tim Nicholson and Joanne Bowlt, have been installing a number of measures to save and generate energy, whilst remodelling the interior to create a stylish and comfortable family home. 

Installing green technologies within new build properties is now common practice, however retrofitting these technologies within existing homes presents some tremendous challenges.  Tim Nicholson says: ‘There are 25 million houses in the UK and 80% of these will still be around by 2050 by which time they need to be zero carbon.   We are trying to do our bit, exploring what can be done in an ambitious way.  However, whilst energy efficiency is an important goal, it is not the only one’.

New walls were built to the side and rear of the four bedroom house, to form a second insulated cavity.  It has triple glazed windows, uses solar PV panels to generate electricity and solar thermal panels to generate hot water, it has mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, LED lighting and a wood burning boiler stove plus eco showers and taps.

Sustainability and aesthetics were the key criteria when it came to choosing the materials used in this project and Tim Nicholson has installed Moso Bamboo Flooring throughout the ground floor - including the open plan kitchen, dining and living room - above the underfloor heating system.  ‘The sustainability of bamboo and the speed at which it grows were an important factor, plus it looks great and is extremely hardwearing’ says Tim Nicholson.

Moso Bamboo Surfaces supplied their Bamboo Elite flooring for this project.  Three layers of bamboo are strand woven and cross pressed for extra stability.  Rob Wooldridge, Commercial Accounts Manager at Moso Bamboo Surfaces says: ‘This was the ideal material for the project as it is extremely durable and more stable than most hardwoods, so will not shrink or warp even above an underfloor heating system.’  

Moso’s 20mm 3ply plain pressed caramel plywood panels have also been used on the kitchen doors and drawer fronts as well as in the bathroom and shower rooms with plans to make shelves and cupboards in the dining room from the same material.

Tim Nicholson’s home is proof that green technologies and aesthetics can be successfully combined.  “Everyone wants a home for their family that’s really warm, comfortable and appealing,” says Tim. “I also want to help the planet, but I don’t want to have a miserable existence where I’m a slave to the woodburner or suffer cold showers! I hope our home proves that being eco-friendly can be an attractive way of living.”

For more information about the Oxford Green house visit

Bamboo - the perfect material for pioneering eco retrofit

Urban One cycle uses bamboo frame

Guapa Cycles have been working closely with us to develop the Urban One - the most highly engineered wood composite bicycle in the world today. The Urban One uses Moso bamboo in the construction of the frame and along with highly developed and engineered components, they have created something completely unique in both ride and design.

For more information on the Urban One check out the website at

Urban One cycle uses bamboo frame

Bamboo - the fast growing alternative to wood

Most people would agree that when it comes to designing the interior of any home, choosing the right flooring is one of the most crucial decisions to make.  Many factors need to be considered: compatibility with other furnishings, durability, ease of installation, maintenance, cost and environmental impact.  Natural wooden floors have for some time been providing a popular solution.  But a growing number of professional and domestic interior designers are now turning from wood to bamboo.

Bamboo is gaining this new popularity for a number of reasons.  Aesthetically it is quite stunning, coming in a range of colours, finishes and natural patterns; it is exceptionally hardwearing – in fact it is more durable than some of the best tropical hardwoods - and it is as easy to clean and maintain as any other natural flooring product.  But when it comes to green credentials bamboo is hard to beat, outperforming wood every time.  It is probably the most sustainable species in the world since it is the fastest growing plant on earth.  Every year the parent bamboo plant produces new stems which can be harvested after five years without decreasing the size of the forest. 

Moso Bamboo Surfaces  is one of the leading distributors of bamboo flooring in the UK and stock the country’s widest range of engineered bamboo products.Moso’s manufacturing and production processes add to the natural attributes of bamboo.  Our flooring can be supplied in formats to suit every application – simple flooring boards which use the Uniclic® system for easy adhesive-free installation; latex backed floor tiles providing a flexible, light, sound absorbing flooring solution which can also be used on walls or on top of existing floors, making it ideal for renovation projects; and traditional engineered flooring in long wide boards which can be glued down and are, in the main, suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems.

But it doesn’t end there. We can also make a perfect decking material and if you want a seamless continuation of flooring from inside to outside then Moso Bamboo Surfaces has the answer.  Bamboo X-treme comes in a standard plank size, which is reversible – being ribbed on one side and flat on the other.  Specially patented heat treatment processes have been adopted which improve the stability and durability of this decking material, whilst also protecting against fungal growth - making it a great alternative to hardwood.  It is also much less prone to movement through the seasons reducing the requirements for maintenance and repair.   However, these treatment processes do not compromise Bamboo X-treme’s environmental footprint which remains CO2 neutral.  This bamboo decking can also offer up to 30% savings on installation as it can be installed quickly and easily by using a fastener clipping system between planks rather than screwing through the deck.

Rob Wooldridge, Commercial Accounts Manager at Moso Bamboo Surfaces, is keen to encourage homeowners to consider bamboo when they are building or refurbishing their homes. ‘When it comes to flooring, bamboo just ticks all the boxes’ he says ‘and the same finishes can be replicated in other areas – from worktops and wall panels through to furniture, opening up a wide range of design possibilities’.

Moso interior flooring products are stocked by the John Lewis Partnership.  Decking, flooring and other bamboo products are available from Moso Bamboo Surfaces.  Call 01793 208030 (option 2) or email

Bamboo - the fast growing alternative to wood

New building is top of the class

´╗┐´╗┐Oxford Brookes was the big winner at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) South Awards on 8 May and Moso Bamboo products have featured heavily.

The John Henry Brookes Building took both Building of the Year and the Sustainability Award. Our products are in various elements but predominantly the new Lecture Theatre.

Professor Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University, commented: “The John Henry Brookes Building is the biggest and best signal that at Oxford Brookes we put the student experience at the heart of everything we do.

“Together with architects Design Engine, we are delighted that this fantastic building has been recognised by RIBA and is now in contention for the prestigious Stirling Prize.”

You can take a video tour of the John Henry Brookes building by clicking HERE.

New building is top of the class

TODAY we are at Clerkenwell Design Week!

TODAY we are at Clerkenwell Design Week in the TOTO Showroom and to celebrate we are introducing some exciting new products! Our new beams and joists range and teaming up with our sister company, Earth Anatomy, to preview our brand new thin stone range.

Moso’s new beams and joists are suitable for a multitude of interior uses including office fit outs, partitioning, doors, door frames and furniture. These beams and joists have plenty to recommend them including durability, dimensional stability and flexibility, as well as looking natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Earth Anatomy® has just opened a European office for distribution and fabrication in Swindon to launch their natural thin stone veneers to the European market. The thin stone veneers are a truly unique product, with the same natural visual characteristics of stone, but with modern material requirements of weight reduction, flexibility and light transmission.

Panels can be amazingly thin at just 1.3mm thick and are available in granite, marble, travertine, slate, sandstone and concrete and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as retail, leisure, and furniture markets with a host of potential commercial applications including desk tops, reception counters, feature wall panelling as well as domestic applications such as bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchen splash backs.

Come and see a range of samples on display today.  All attendees will get a voucher worth £50 off a single on-line order of £500 on flooring and panels at our web shop

TODAY we are at Clerkenwell Design Week!

Tomorrow at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Tomorrow, 21st May, Moso Bamboo Surfaces will be at the TOTO Showroom at Clerkenwell Design Week. We have some exciting new products on show and will be introducing our new beams range and teaming up with our sister company, Earth Anatomy, to preview our brand new thin stone range.

Available in granite, marble and travertine the Earth Anatomy thin stone range combines the natural beauty of stone with modern requirements of weight reduction, flexibility and light transmission.  

Moso’s new beams and joists bring the beauty of bamboo to interior design and can be used for a range of applications.

So come along and meet us and see our new products on display. A very luck few will receive a free bamboo chopping board. It's stricly first come, first served so don't miss out!

Tomorrow at Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Moso Bamboo Surfaces celebrates Clerkenwell Design Week by introducing its new beams range and teaming up with its sister company Earth Anatomy to preview its thin stone range at the TOTO Showroom on 21st May.

Available in granite, marble and travertine the thin stone range combines the natural beauty of stone with modern requirements of weight reduction, flexibility and light transmission.  

Moso’s new beams and joists bring the beauty of bamboo to interior design and can be used for a range of applications. To find out more visit us at the TOTO Showroom.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Etc Homes and Gardens show

Carsten the Carpenter will be showcasing his Sheppards Hut at the show on 2nd & 3rd March at the Brighton Centre. Check out          for all  

Designed to Win

Check out FX Magazine February issue features on surfaces; we get a mention for bamboo supplied to the Design Museum for the Designed to Win exhibition, care of Urban Salon.

For more images see

Designed to Win


We are offering HUGE discounts on all Moso products. This offer will be running until the end of February 2013 and is only available to UK residents and applicable to the products shown online. 

25% off Bamboo Chopping Boards in our online shop

A great idea for your Christmas Shopping. Hurry as offer is only available until Christmas!


Bamboo products now available at the click of a mouse, and with a 10% discount too...

After three years of selling moso bamboo as the sole UK distributor, we're delighted to now offer customers the ability to purchase a wide range of bamboo floors, work surfaces, veneers, panels and accessories online. And to celebrate the launch we are offering a 10% discount for online purchases (excluding accessories) until the end of December 2012.

With a growing demand for environmentally sustainable products, the consumer appetite for Bamboo seems to be ever increasing, and coupled with a steady growth in purchases made online, we're now happy to satisfy both.

Potential purchasers will find 20 flooring products and 8 work surfaces to choose from online, as well as a range of veneers, panels and accessories. Despite there being a wealth of information about each product detailed on the site, customers will be reassured to know that the sales team are still on hand to offer advice and support.

In addition to the usual range of bamboo products, we're excited by the addition of gifts and homeware to the product range. The online shop includes items such as bamboo chopping boards, and even bamboo briefcases. With Christmas just around the corner we have just the answer for stylish home improvements as well as interesting gift ideas for the festive season.

To claim your 10% discount simply enter voucher code 'BAMBOO10HP' to your basket. And remember that shipping is free to UK Mainland too! Happy Shopping!

Bamboo Briefcases: Beautifully designed and produced, sustainable, different - and hard-wearing for a hardworker!

Just when you thought the uses for bamboo couldn’t be extended much further, along comes the bamboo briefcase! Eye catching, and beautifully produced to a very high-quality of finish, Moso Bamboo Surfaces' briefcase is built in the traditional briefcase shape and contains an attractively finished leather interior with all the usual briefcase compartments. Documents can be kept secure with a locking system, and its light weight means you won’t have to strain your arms to carry it.

The briefcase is a little apart from our standard range of products - flooring, work surfaces and outdoor decking, but the consumer appetite for bamboo seems to be growing all the time! Our customer response to the briefcase has already been tremendous and this definately won't be the last of the innovative bamboo products that we're hoping to add to our ever-growing bamboo range. 

Christmas will be upon us in no time, and this briefcase might just be the ideal solution for that usually difficult question of what to buy for the men in the family. A unique gift that’s also sure to be a great talking point.

Briefcases are available from Moso Bamboo Surfaces, and will very soon be available to order direct from our website. Retail price is £139.

Bamboo Briefcases: Beautifully designed and produced, sustainable, different - and hard-wearing for a hardworker!

Bamboo bike racks!

The uses for Moso bamboo is increasing all the time! The latest being Quarterre's bamboo bike racks. Production Manager Christopher Pett at Makers Co has used Moso bamboo many times before, and when the brief came in for a material that was light and yet incredibly strong, Moso bamboo was the natural choice. "We were looking at building the racks out of Birch ply, but it was too heavy, expensive, wobbly, and didn't provide the strength or finish that Moso bamboo does" says Christopher. "Using bamboo we could get away with a thinner panel that was still really strong, so it was for technical as well as aesthetic reasons that we chose Moso Bamboo."

Happily for the team at Moso Bamboo surfaces, Christopher says he has tried various other bamboo companies but none of them have been able to deliver the quality that he says he gets with Moso Bamboo. The bike racks have proved to be a huge hit with sales coming in from around the world - Australia, USA, Europe as well as at home in the UK, and have even been featured in Wallpaper magazine. The team are now entering their third cycle of production.

Have a look at the bike racks by clicking on the hyperlink or going to and searching for the product 'branchline'. Production is managed by http/

Like us on Facebook!

Moso Bamboo Surfaces now have a facebook and twitter page - so please like us or follow us! And that way you'll be kept fully updated with all our news/photos/product information and anything else that might interest you about Moso Bamboo Surfaces. We'll soon be adding the links to these sites on our homepage to make it much easier to follow us. Thanks for your support!

Forest Flooring in a hand-crafted Shepherd Hut

A Sussex Carpenter has selected Bamboo Forest flooring as the finishing touch to his beautiful shepherd hut. Carsten Harud, a talented furniture designer, decided to turn his hand to the construction of a shepherd hut – from scratch! And when it came to the selection of the floor, Bamboo Forest was the obvious choice: “I wanted the floor to look high quality but rustic, in keeping with the rest of the hut.” says Carsten. “The hut is meant for use as a little retreat in a garden or suchlike, and Forest Flooring felt in keeping with the hut’s surroundings.”

Bamboo Forest is the most authentic bamboo floor on the market and unique to us. Here the bamboo stem or pole is flattened with a special process to create a 3 layer engineered board made using only the outer skin or bark of the plant. The result is a very robust board with the natural beauty of the bamboo plant. The rings on the trunk are visible in the shape of nodes (on the full width of the board) and even the markings which have been made by the farmers can be seen in some boards.

Carsten’s hut is currently for sale and further information can be found on his website:

Forest Flooring in a hand-crafted Shepherd Hut

Getting ready for Summer?

Moso are pleased to be working with RASKL Designs, who have selected our bamboo for use in the joists they make for Sunbeam Jackie's beautiful and original parasols. Now we just need the sun to come out!  

Bank supports Fast growing bamboo business

Detail of our new premises, and recent investment has been mentioned on Floordata. Click here to see the full article.

John Lewis Partnership

We are really excited to announce that John Lewis has selected a range of 20 beautiful Moso bamboo flooring products to be sold throughout their 27 regional stores. Our flooring systems are designed to suit modern day living, offering stability and durability for the busiest of homes. Tactile and sustainable there is a flooring to suit every room in your home. John Lewis staff have been trained on our range of bamboo flooring, so why don't you pop along to have a look? Go to John Lewis website to find your nearest store. Please also checkout their website for a selection of our Topbamboo and Unibamboo flooring on-line.

Bamboo Surfaces gets a mention in the FT

Check out the article below written by Julia Hailes for  the house & home section regarding giving a london flat an eco-makeover.

Self-sticking Unibamboo

After years of preparation, Moso have just launched a self-sticking version of Unibamboo. Instead of the latex backing (current version) this new version has a PVC backing. The glue is applied onto the PVC and is protected by a sheet of paper, when ready to install simply peel back the paper and simply apply to the subfloor, it couldn’t be easier. Much less work, time and cost! Perfectly suitd to all markets but ideal for DIY!

Self-sticking Unibamboo

New Moso flooring brochure

Moso have launched their new flooring brochure Flooring Brochure.pdf
Keep a look out for our new brochure to be launched in the spring. All products seen in the Moso brochure are available through us.

Moso Bamboo Xtreme decking

Why don't you start thinking about outside summer dining by installing your bamboo decking now? Moso Bamboo Xtreme Decking is a heat treated high density bamboo board with a class O fungus resistance and durability class 1. It is comparable to the hardest of hardwood decking, with no torsion and it’s easy to install.  So what are you waiting for? Call now for prices.

Moso Bamboo Xtreme decking

Moso's Green Premium

Moso have just introduced Green Premium products. These products are FSC with no added formaldehyde they include 2-ply flooring, 20mm and 40mm bamboo panels.  These will be standard stock items.  Other FSC and no added Formaldehyde products are available but with longer lead times and minimum quantity orders.  Please call or email for more information.

Bamboo Surfaces products at TOTO showroom

Bamboo Surfaces has partnered with TOTO, a large furniture manufacturer, where a large range of our bamboo product range can be viewed.

If you would like to pick up any samples of the bamboo range please go to TOTO’s showroom at TOTO, 140–142 St John Street, London EC1V 4UB

New Product: Moso Forest

Moso brings the forest to your floor. Instead of cutting the bamboo pole into strips and pressing them together into a floor board, the whole trunk is being used. The wall of the trunk is flattened with a special process and it serves as the top layer of a 3 ply board.

The result is a very robust yet naturally beautiful bamboo floor board. With the rock hard bark of the bamboo no additional finish is needed, a wax finish could be considered if you wanted to close the gaps between the floor boards. This product really does bring nature to your home or business!

New Product: Moso Forest

3100mm Veneers

Moso started the production of 3100mm (10 ft) veneers. The initial lead times were quite long but a few changes have been made to production and the whole process should be much quicker now. The side pressed veneer is now running and selling well and once a new slicing machine arrives in the next few weeks, the yields of the plain pressed will increase too.


Moso now supply FSC certified bamboo. However there is still a limited availability of FSC raw material, which makes the material more expensive than the normal bamboo veneer. The good news is that the availability is slowly improving though!

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